Career Coaching

Career Coaching is a process which helps individuals discover what they really want to do with their lives, find their true purpose and get more from their life by working in an area that they love. Not only does Career Coaching help to uncover hidden career desires but it develops a workable strategy to achieve it. Using a positive psychology approach, coaching tools & techniques and psychometric assessments we can help you to identify your ideal career and create a plan to attain that perfect job.  

Career Coaching Programme

Do you often find yourself daydreaming about working in another job, another company or for yourself? Do you often find it hard to drag yourself to get up out of bed in the morning knowing that you have to go into that job that you hate? Do you promise yourself that one day you'll start that course, or one day you'll use those skills or one day you'll start the search for another job? If so, a career coaching programme may be the motivational tool that gets you focused on creating better career opportunities for yourself.

Our 1:1 Career Coaching Programme is designed to lead you on a journey of self-discovery, exploring your values, skills and personality to determine your ideal career. Perfect for those who are looking to find or change career direction.

Career Coaching Programme: 6 sessions + Psychometric Assessments - €799

1:1 Individual Career Coaching Sessions

We provide 1:1 Individual Career and / or Interview Coaching sessions which can be used to help you to find your perfect career choice, make decisions regarding your next career move or develop your interview & self-presentation skills. They are designed to improve your chances of getting your ideal job by exploring your own values, needs, skills and career choices and subsequently creating a job search strategy.  

Individual coaching sessions can also help you to prepare for an interview, develop an understanding of what you have to offer a company and enhance how you present yourself in your CV, Cover letter, LinkedIn profile and of course at an interview. Presenting yourself as the right person for the job can mean having to develop skills but sometimes all that's needed is a self-confidence boost to enable you to showcase your natural talents and ensure you ace the interview!

Many people already know the job or career of their dreams but as hard as they try they just don't seem to be able to break into that industry or advance to the next step on their career ladder - if this is the case then 1:1 Individual Career Coaching sessions are for you. 

Depending on your personal circumstances and what you want to achieve, we can usually get the job done in 1 - 6 sessions.  

1:1 Individual Career Coaching Sessions - €75 per hour

1:1 Individual Life Coaching Sessions

We also provide life coaching sessions for those of you who would like to explore areas in their life they would like to improve outside of their career. We believe that creating and attaining personal goals is just as important as getting that career you've always wanted!

1:1 Individual Life Coaching Sessions - €75 per hour