HR Metrics & HR Analytics

"HR analytics is the use of people-data in analytical processes to solve business problems. HR analytics uses both people-data, collected by HR systems (e.g. payroll, absence management) and business information (e.g. operations performance data). At its core, HR analytics enables HR practitioners and employers to gain insights into their workforce, HR policies and practices, with a focus on the human capital element of the workforce, and can ultimately inform more evidence-based decision making."

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) 2017

Captured HR can develop standardised and integrated HR metrics & analytics, providing accurate HR MI to Business Leaders to assist them in decision making and the improvement of organisational performance to gain competitive advantage. 

Using HR and Business Data from your Organisation we can build HR metrics & HR analytics to track "people data" and measure the progress and success of your strategic HR objectives.

We can build basic descriptive & trend HR metrics & analytics which illustrate a particular aspect of HR, for example tracking and recording absence, annual leave, and attrition and recruitment rates or more complex HR analytics which combine different data sets to investigate a specific idea or relationship between HR activities and business processes.

Benefits of HR Metrics & HR Analytics


Identifies Workforce Trends


Strategic HR Partnership


Tracks Employee changes over time

Measures Tangible HR Value

Identifies reasons for HR Issues


Provides HR Scorecard of KPIs 


Facilitates Decision Making


Forecasts Workforce Requirements